Chris Brown’s Car Crashes on the Eve of Grammys 2013, Singer Blames Paparazzis [PHOTOS]

Chris Brown was on his Way to a Charity Event when his car Crashed in Upscale Bevery Hills.


Embattled R & B singer, Chris Brown has again been capturing the attention of the media lenses after a car mishap over the weekend, leaving his black Porsche “totaled” after crashing into a wall at a Beverly Hills alley, on the eve of the 55th Grammy Awards.

Accompanied by his rep on his way to the event, Brown’s car crashed into a wall at an alley between the Bedford and Camden Drives in upscale Beverly Hills on February 9, past twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

The “Yeah 3x” singer claims that he was trapped with two vehicles of paparazzis pursuing him in his black Porsche. A rep was quoted by TMZ in an earlier report as saying that the Grammy nominated singer that he was driving when two vehicles cut off his Porsche.

The rep said: “... the occupants jumped out, with cameras, and aggressively approached his vehicle. In an effort to remove himself from the situation, he began to back down an alley at which point his was cut off by two additional vehicles.”

With four vehicles of paparazzis, rear and front , swarming on Rihanna’s beau, Brown left with nothing but a wall to head on to. Unable to control his car, the black Porsche crashed the wall.

Blaming the throng of photographers hounding him to the charity event, Brown’s rep underscored the singer’s plans to file charges against the paparazzis.

TMZ, the first to report the incident, asserted that the paparazzis came into the picture only after Chris Brown hit the wall. Quoting INF photo agency owner, Chris Doherty, TMZ said that contrary to Brown’s claims, the photographers “had nothing to do with Chris Brown’s crashing.”

The photo agency owner who employed the photographers claimed by Brown to have hitting hard pursuing him, belied Brown’s assertion.

He said, "No photographers were following him at the time he crashed ... He crashed his car and it’s convenient for him to blame us. He needs to be careful with his defamatory statements."

A press release by the Beverly Hills police department pointed out that there was no other vehicles involved in the car crash.

 "On February 9, 2013 at approximately 1203pm, entertainer Chris Brown was involved in a solo, non-injury traffic collision in the 600 Block Bedford Drive/Camden Drive alley. Mr. Brown was the driver of the vehicle and collided with a wall,” the statement in the police report said.

The police statement also included Brown’s claims that the crash stemmed from the aggressive behavior of the photographers pursuing the rapper.

 It continued: “Brown stated that he was being chased by paparazzi causing him to lose control of his vehicle. Brown's Black Porsche was towed from the scene at his request."

The rep for Brown maintained, "Chris' vehicle was totaled due to this aggressive pursuit by the paparazzi. He is okay."

Brown’s camp is planning on pursuing charges against the photographers involved in the crash.

The incident came on the eve of the much-anticipated and biggest music event of the year, the Grammys 2013 . Brown faces off with Frank Ocean at the “Best Urban Contemporary Album” awards at this year’s Grammys.

Some of Brown’s hit singles include, “Look at Me Now,” “Beautiful People,” “Kiss Kiss,” “With You,” and “Forever,” among others. The singer has also appeared on a number of films including, “Stomp the Yard” (2007), “This Christmas” (2007), “Takers” (2010), “Think Like a Man” (2012).

Brown has also been involved in charity works as he did in Australia in 2011. He was on his way on a charity event when the car incident happened.

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