Chris Brown and Rihanna Smoking 'Weed' at Grammys Afterparty

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It's official, Chris Brown and Rihanna are back in each other's arms and they certainly made it public during the recent Grammy awards yesterday.

About four years ago, Chris Brown and Rihanna made headlines on the eve before the Grammys. Brown's aggressive assault on Rihanna was all over the news. Pictures of  her bruised face surfaced all over the web. From then on, the two kept their distance but not until yesterday.

Who knew that a couple of years later, the world will once again see Chris and Rihanna together at the Grammys. Not only that, the two looked cozy as they say next to each other.

It was a successful night for Rihanna who won another Grammy to add in her collection. She also performed on the stage twice while Brown loudly cheers from the audience.

The Grammys was indeed a convenient event for the two to display their togetherness, kissing and cuddling included. But while they appeared normal and happy during the awards night, it was a different story during the afterparty.

Photographers were tuned in to catch any suspicious moves from the two that could possibly make headlines the next day. Well, Chris and Rihanna didn't fail them.

Many raised their eyebrows when a picture of Chris Brown sharing a dubious rolled cigarette with Rihanna hit up the online community. The couple didn't make any attempt to be discreet when they passed on the cigarette while they're at the Superclub private party in Hollywood.

"The whole place was filled with pot smoke," a source told TMZ.

Although the two are very much open about smoking weed as documented in their Instagram photos, it's a bit surprising to see them smoke in front of a lot of people.

Musicians who are supposed to act like roles models to the youth have turned themselves into the very thing that might tear them apart. Although Rihanna was vocal about her renewed romance with Chris, a lot of people are doubtful of how long they will last.

There is no guarantee that a relationship that is built and supported with weak foundations will stand the test of time. Or in Chris and Rihanna's case, how long can they keep each other interested?

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