Chris Brown Going to Jail, Girlfriend Karreuche Tran is Ballistic

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After sharing his fears of being hauled to the prison, Chris Brown, 24 is now about to face his worst nightmare. The singer is set to spend at least a month in prison for breaking his probation, TMZ reports. Hollywood Life reports that the singer was brought to Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles on March 14 and was charged with felony at around 2pm. He is going to be held without the possibility of bail.

Orange might not be Brown's best color but he just might be spending a month or two in an orange jumpsuit behind bars for not being a good boy while on rehab. He was thrown out the Malibu rehab facility that he has been residing in for almost 120 days. The judge that took charge of Brown's case for beating Rihanna had compelled Brown to stay in rehab until April 28 but Brown broke some rules during his stint on the rehab and was booted out as a result. Because he did not stay in the institution until the required date, the Sheriff's deputies of the Lost Hills Patrol Station immediately took him to jail.

The controversial singer's lawyer, Mark Geragos will persuade the judge to let Brown go to another rehab facility on March 17. If not, the lawyer is hoping that the court will at least serve Chris Brown with a house arrest. Because the DC trial is not until April 17 yet, the lawyer just might win this appeal. However, if the judge is adamant that Chris Brown serves time for violating rehab rules and breaking the law for not staying in rehab until the required time, the singer can really serve time at least a month.

With the high possibility of Brown staying in jail for at least a month, girlfriend Karreuche Tran is having a hard time accepting that she will not be with Brown for another month. Hollywood Life reports that Tran is beside herself with sadness.  "Karreuche is completely floored," a source close to her shared to Hollywood Life. "Just when she thought he was getting closer to healing and getting his stuff together - this s**t happens." The source also added, "She loves him and when you love someone, you'll do anything."

While the couple is faced with impending time apart and ballistic about it, Rihanna, the root of it all has finally found herself and love from Drake, Mail Online UK reports. 

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