Chris Brown and Drake Sue Each Other Over NY Club Brawl [PHOTOS]

Chris Brown Sets out to Prove Drake that he did not Start the NY Club Fight in June 2012


The legal battle began anew between Chris Brown and Drake when they decided to sue each other in court over the nightclub brawl that went down in June last year.

The case stemmed from the fight last June 14 over singer Rihanna that resulted in minor injuries for the parties involved, leaving other celebrity and club patrons sustaining cuts and injuries, since bottles were flying all over the place at the VIP section of W.i.P..

NBA star Tony Parker and Brown himself, sustained injuries from the broken glasses that rained on the VIP section of the nightclub located in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood, said OMG Yahoo.

The case was closed in November last year, said Zap2it. Neither Brown nor Drake was slapped with criminal charges as they left the courtroom.

But now, the two may face each other again in court following TMZ reports that a civil suit has just recently been filed by another bystander, French model Roman Julien.

Julien argued in the legal documents filed at a New York court, that he has been left immobile as a result ofthe incident. He explained that such was the case after undergoing medical surgery on an injury sustained in the Brown-Drake nightclub brawl.

Julien is suing not only the club but also Brown and Drake. And to make sure neither one of them is paying a cent should the French model win the case, Brown and Drake decided to make their respective cases heard again and the one who failed to prove that he did not start the New York fight, gets to pay Julien.

In a related development, Eva Longoria's former husband, Parker has also sued W.i.P for $20 million following the incident.

Taking to Twitter, Parker claimed that he is taking the nightclub accountable for the cornea laceration he has suffered from because of the infamous fight.

Citing a witness, OMG noted that the fight began when a bottle from Drake's camp was thrown towards Brown's direction. This was vehemently denied however by the "Take Care" singer.

“Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind … He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began. [Drake] did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property," a rep for Drake was quoted as saying by OMG Yahoo.

Would Chris Brown prove Drake otherwise?

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