Chris Brown Begs Karrueche Tran: The Couple Gets Back After Sparking Break-Up Rumors-Report

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Chris Brown
Chris Brown Reuters

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are not having the best time lately. The alleged couple has been making to news for their break-up and it is being said that Tran is quite upset with Brown's behavior. Tran who recently appeared for an interview at the radio station suggested that she and Brown are going through a rough patch.

"Ummmm, you know, you know. Every relationship has its ups and downs and you know, whatever, lets change the subject," she said to a radio station.

However, now it seems that Brown has reached to Tran to make things up with her.

"I guess after not having any sex or companionship or real love that Karrueche provides him, he came to the realization that it was in his best interest to call her," our source revealed to HollywoodLife hinting the reason behind Brown's going back to Tran.

Brown reportedly, is tired of fighting with Tran and wants to get back with her.

"He told her exactly, 'I'm not trying to fight with you, I'm sorry for mistreating you and I love you," a source further told the Web site. 

Interestingly, it is being said that Tran reached out to Brown's ex-girlfriend Rihanna to take advice on how to handle the "Fine China" singer. When Brown and Tran were going through tough times Tran texted Rihanna twice to take her advice.

"She identified herself and basically said, 'Hey Rihanna, this is Karrueche," a source told Web site. "I know you probably hate me or dislike me. I don't hate you since we are both connected to Chris, I would love to talk to you about him and how I can help him be a better man."

It is understood that Tran has always wanted to reach out to Rihanna so that they don't have any bad blood between them.

But Rihanna did not reply to Tran's text as per the reports.

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