Chris Algieri: Primed to Use His Full Arsenal and Secure Win Against Manny Pacquiao


Chris Algieri will come fully prepared to make use of his full arsenal to secure his victory against eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 22 in Macau. Even though Pacquiao is a heavy favourite in the upcoming fight, Algieri, who is the reigning World Boxing Organisation (WBO) light welterweight champion is confident that he has what it takes to crush and upset Pacquiao in the boxing ring.

On Aug. 11, Algieri posted a picture of him at the gym. He has been doing a lot of training to get in shape just in time for the big match in November.

In a recent interview with Boxing Scene, Algieri made it known to his critics that he is coming prepared for the fight and he will not make it easy for Pacquiao. He added that he took the fight not for the "payday" and not just to fight one of the most successful boxers of the current generation but to "win."

"I'm coming to win this fight and I'm going to be fully prepared on fight night," Algieri told Boxing Scene.

"Anyone who is looking past that fact doesn't know me and doesn't know anything about me, and that I belong to be here," Algieri added.

Algieri has plenty of time to study Pacquiao's boxing skills before the fight night but he was reportedly leaving it to his coach Tim Lane. In another interview, Algieri revealed that his coach has been watching and reviewing some of Pacquiao's fights. He said the wasn't really very passionate about watching Pacquiao's tapes because he has been watching the Filipino boxer for a long time and even admitted that he's fan of the eight-division world champion.

"I don't have to do much studying, I'd leave that to the team."

Algieri is coming from consecutive victories in 2014 against Emmanuel Taylor and Ruslan Provodnikov in February and June, respectively. Algieri scored a split decision against Taylor and a unanimous decision against Provodnikov.

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