Choose A Compact Platform For Your Tablet

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A man tries to get connected to the youtube web site with his tablet at a cafe in Istanbul
A man tries to get connected to the youtube web site with his tablet at a cafe in Istanbul March 27, 2014.

While shopping for a compact tablet users place a bigger importance to hardware often ignoring the importance of the platform. It may be iOS, Android or Windows. PC Pro UK magazine shares some tips in making a right choice on the best OS for your tablet.

From Hardware to Software

While buying a new tablet an excessive focus on the hardware becomes a norm. There is a passion for high-resolution display, attractive design and fast core hardware without giving any heed to the software that runs the device. Before buying the tablet the OS software must be given its due thought because fundamental differences between major operating systems do exist.


Android, iOS and Windows 8 have their own visual styles. In iOS a minimalist look and simple layout can be seen. There are shortcuts to launch apps which are displayed in a grid and in an array of home screens. A tray of shortcuts at the bottom of the screen is all customisable and apps can be organised into folders.

Notifications Menu

In recent times the notifications menu has been made accessible via a pull down from the top of the screen. The Control Centre has a pull up from the bottom of the screen to give access to functions such as screen brightness, rotation lock and flight mode.

Android Lay Out

Basic Android front-end is almost similar to IOS with shortcuts to apps on a series of sideways-scrolling home screens for pull-down notifications at the top.  Android hosts no Control Centre as all these functions are built into the notifications menu itself.

The Android UI is also different as it allows to drop widgets and shortcuts to home screens. It also hides less frequently used apps in the app drawer.

Versatile Windows

The Windows tablet is almost identical to Windows laptop or PC. It works well on a tablet and links all apps and web pages in a continuous grid. It is movable and can be grouped. This looks different from Android and iOS is easy to use.

Add a keyboard, mouse and external monitor the Windows tablet will turn into a desktop machine!. This versatility is amazing and no Android or iOS can claim that.

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