Chinese Student Had Sex with Prostitutes’ Corpses after Killing Them, Sentenced to Death

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A Chinese university student, 23, has been sentenced to be executed after he killed two prostitutes and had sex with their lifeless bodies.

The name of the student is yet to be known but his surname is reported to be Lee. He has been a student of the University in Changchun. Lee informed the police authorities that he believed that the company of prostitutes would relieve him from the stress he had been facing due to his weak performance in the classes., saying that he had failed in many classes of late.

Lee admitted to the detectives that he had sexual fantasies with human corpses. One fine morning, he decided that he would go for it as he was not able to resist his temptations.

One may remember the 1987 West German horror movie "Nekromantik." The movie which was directed by Jorg Buttgereit is banned in several countries due its graphic depiction of necrophilia which means sexual attraction to corpses. reports that Lee hired a prostitute on March 6, 2013 over the Internet. The 20-year-old woman named as Cai was then hanged by Lee. Thereafter, her body was shipped to Lee's house. Lee was not satisfied with having sex with Cai when she was alive. He had sex with her corpse in his own house to fulfil his necrophilia. After having sex with Cai's dead body, Lee left it mutilated and buried the parts in his garden. He repeated the same procedure with another prostitute in the latter part of the same month.

After knowing about Lee and his activities, one may have the presumption that he might be insane. On the contrary, Lee has been determined as a sane person by a forensic psychiatrist. It has been reported that he "normally" planned the acts and was responsible for such criminal acts.

He was found guilty by the Second Intermediate People's Court which has sentenced Lee to death. Additionally, he has also been asked to pay 80,000 Yuan (about $13,000) to the families of the victims as compensation.

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