Chinese Billionaire’s Daughter Zong Fuli Complains about Being Loveless


If you ever wondered what it feels like to be the daughter of China's wealthiest man, here is Zong Fuli's simple response to her situation: "Rich and boyfriendless."

The 30-year-old heiress of billionaire Zong Qinghou revealed the status of her love life in an interview for the Chinese edition of Marie Claire magazine. "I feel pessimistic about love. Quite often it is hard for girls like me to find a boyfriend. Everyone knows this," Zong Fuli stated after publicly admitting that she has been single since birth.

"I have simple requests in love. He could be someone who sends me text messages every day with simple greetings such as asking whether I've eaten yet, or when I am going to bed. Just a little love and caring would be enough for me. But it is very hard to find a man like this, really," Zong Fuli shared.

The Chinese heiress admitted it has been difficult for her to determine whether men are really interested in her or they are only after the family's wealth. "It turns out all of them just want to do business," Zong Fuli declared.

Zong Fuli is the daughter of Zong Qinghou, founder and chairman of the beverage producer Hangzhou Wahaha Group. Her tycoon father holds the top spot at Forbe's 2012 China Rich List with a net worth of almost US$10 billion.

Zong Fuli finished her degree in international business at the Pepperdine University in California before returning to China in 2004. She joined the management team of the Hangzhou Wahaha group in March 2005. Since then, Zong Fuli earned the reputation of a hard-working and independent person.

Chinese sons traditionally become the family business heir but some well-known businessmen like Zong Qinghou decided to trust their family fortune with their daughters.

Meanwhile, Zong Fuli's revelation about her boyfriend woes became the most talked about topic in China's social media sites. Several men responded saying that they can be the perfect "Prince Charming" for the Chinese heiress.

"Please marry me. Does anybody have her contact info?" an unnamed male posted online. "This a great change for poor guys like me, I can afford to send text messages," another unnamed male commented.

In Sina Weibo, a Chinese social networking site similar to Twitter, users gave recommendations on what Zong Fuli should do. "Zong should give away all his money to poor children in rural villages so his daughter can find Mr. Right," one blogger posted.

"Fake a new identity and get a low-key job. Then you will find true love," another Weibo user suggested to Zong Fuli. "Forget about men, they will all go after your money," another person advised.

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