China Targets Apple on National Security; Slams Location Tracking Apps

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Apple is facing the fury of China's state owned media for deploying location tracking apps in its iPhones, reports CNN. The report quotes China's CCTV network alleging Apple devices as recording every move and message of the iPhone users in China and putting China's state secrets at risk.

The CNN report mentions that Chinese manufacturers Huawei, Xiaomi and ZTE also produce smartphones that carry apps capable of tracking users.  

The Austrian Tribune also reports that the state-run media CCTV dubbed Apple iPhone as a threat to its national security.  The Chinese government-controlled CCTV network drew the public attention to iPhone's ability to track down the locations of its users and said even the movements and messages of the users are being put under scrutiny.

Tracking Alleged

It warned the public that iPhone's can track the users via positioning technology, and user details like home address, unit information and whereabouts can be traced by iPhones.

The CCTV network report said iPhone's location-tracking capability poses a risk to China's state secrets. It deplored that there is no clarity on Apple's motive behind collecting these location specific information from its users.

Wary of Surveillance

In its analysis, the CNN report doubts that China is wary of NSA surveillance. Since Apple has its computer servers located in the United States China legitimately fears that the U.S. can take out secretive information from that data. Such information may also include strategic details like location of government facilities, the report said, quoting security expert Alex McGeorge.

Court Verdict

Last week a Beijing court had set aside a plea from Apple relating to a voice recognition application. The Beijing First Intermediate Court upheld the right of patent holder Zhizhen Network Technology and gave the local company the nod to proceed against Apple for allegedly infringing its IP rights.  

Zhizhen sued Apple last year charging that Siri, the voice application used on devices including the iPhone, had violated its voice system called Xiao i Robot. Though Apple later moved court for quashing the patent of Zhishen last week's verdict went against it affirming an infringement of IP rights by Apple.

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