China Corruption: Jilted Mistress Gets Even, Exposes Identity, Relationship and Lifestyle with Government Official

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Ji Yingnan, a 26-year-old woman apparently jilted by her lover who is a Chinese government official just got even. Not only has she bravely identified her former lover, Fan Yue, a deputy director at China's State Administration of Archives, she has also revealed their relationship and the kind of lifestyle they had when they were still together.

In a story originally carried by the Washington Post, Ms Ji said that it was only last year when discovered that her lover of four years had actually been married, and that Mr Fan even has a teenage son.

China Corruption: Jilted Mistress Gets Even, Exposes Identity, Relationship and Lifestyle with Government Official

The two met in 2009. Despite a 15-year age gap, Ms Ji fell for the state government official because "he had manners."

"He wasn't like the men my age," she told the Washington Post. She also said they even shared the same values.

Initially telling her he worked in information technology, Ms Ji eventually learned the truth about his professional work a year after in 2010 when she accidentally uncovered Mr Fan's work ID card while sorting his clothes. It is believed he owed up to the discovery.

Still, the relationship went on smoothly, perhaps with minor bumps along the road, until Ms Ji began asking the Chinese government official why they weren't working and organising towards a wedding despite already being engaged for more than a year.

What's more, Ms Ji said Mr Fan vehemently resisted buying a house for them when it is customary Chinese tradition that engaged couples, before actually getting married, should purchase first real estate properties.

Mr Fan, believed to have already reached the end of the rope of his disguise perhaps, finally admitted to his younger lover that he was already married and has a family.

"I felt I was a princess living in a fairy tale," she said. "It is terrifying to experience this kind of relationship."

Although officials with mistresses, locally known as "xiao san" or "little third," are not unfamiliar in China, netizens even describe it as an open-secret thing, what Ms Ji did however was beyond the norm.

"Mr Fan Yue's case is very unique," Zhu Ruifeng, a blogger, said. "Everyone knows the corrupted officials have mistresses, but few of the mistresses will pop up in front of the public."

Quoting Mr Fan who he got to speak to in June, the state government official said he ditched Ms Ji because "she is too greedy," referring to her love of material things.

"I couldn't handle her. So I had to leave her," Mr Fan was quoted as saying.

Despite his modest salary, Mr Fan reportedly was able to purchase his young lover a slew of luxury items, including a silver Audi A5 luxury car, shopping sprees at Prada of $10,000 for a skirt, a purse and a scarf, spending more than $16,000 on bedsheets, home appliances, an Apple desktop and a laptop, among other things. He was also able to provide a daily allowance of more than $1,000, always given in cash, for Ms Ji.

"He put cash into my purse every day," she said in a letter to the Communist Party complaining about her former lover's behavior. It was for "daily use, buying clothes and going out for fun."

When she asked what his work exactly does, he told her it was confidential. But one thing that was clear to Ms Ji was the source of money.

The three businessmen identified as Jin Zhong, Chen Guiyang and Ye Zhenbo, according to Ms Ji, would sometimes directly route money to her bank account.

An unidentified staffer at the State Administration of Archives said Mr Fan is now currently being investigated.

But "we don't have further information to release," the staffer said. "We will make an announcement when there is a resolution."

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