Chilling Infant Graveyard from Secret Child Births Found in Queensland

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On Monday, police found a home graveyard inside a family's property near Gin Gin in southern Queensland. Excavated bones were from infants believed to be born between the late 1990s and 2000s. Police believed that these infants were fruit of secret child births which motive remained under investigation.

On Tuesday, police continued their digging. It is believed that more infant bones were excavated, but the police chose to remain mum as it constitutes sensitive investigation.

"We're talking about children who have been born, and you can draw your own conclusions from the fact that we're doing an excavation on the property, but I'm not prepared to go into any further details in relation to the ins and outs of what it is. As you can understand, it's quite a sensitive investigation," Detective Inspector Mick Dowie from the cold case homicide unit told ABC. 

The excavation and investigation in the property is expected to continue for several days as officials investigate families nearby the property.

"We will be interviewing a number of people in this area over the coming days to try to establish whether there is any evidence to corroborate the evidence that we have. We know who we need to talk to. That will be linked, obviously, to evidence that we discover as a result of the crime examination," Mr Dowie added.

Mr Dowie mentioned that through preliminary questioning around neighbours it can be concluded that the concealed child births are connected to the previous owners of the property.

The property is now being rented and the family renting are being cooperative with the police.

"We'll have a crime scene examination and we'll determine what, if any, offences have occurred once we consider all the information and any evidence that we may find," Mr Dowie added.

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