Children's Book Tells of 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

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An illustrated children's book written by Melbourne author Dee McLachlan, titled The 3 Tall Buildings, speaks of conspiracy theories swirling around the 9/11 tragedy being a false flag military activity.  

The book comes with an advertising log line saying: ""The book is about how they huffed and puffed and pulled the baby building down," and part of The Awaken Your Kids 5-book series.

McLachlan, writing under the pen name Dalia Mae Lachlan, personally believed that the twin towers and WTC 7 were destroyed through explosives and not a terrorist attack. Hence, her book tells of a story how the baby building, WTC 7, was made to crumble "like a big magic trick."

"September 11 was most likely a false flag operation, and whatever powers that be wanted to create an enemy for a war machine. It is much, much easier for us to believe that some foreign mad people orchestrated this very, very complex attack. It is much easier to withstand the trauma than accept the evidence that says this is not the case," McLachlan told Anthony Sharwood of

McLachlan was asked: why push the conspiratorial twist of events on young minds? Why not just tell a straight history and let kids grow old enough to process their own version later on?

 "We have to work and think for ourselves as children or as adults. We have got to look for where the truth might lie. Children have had rhymes about plagues and witches and all sorts of bad things. This book is the same. It's a warning we need to think for ourselves."

As a mother of two teenagers, she shared that she longed not to have written the book. But the desire to speak about the truth behind the tragedy was stronger.

"I honestly don't want to do it, but for sake of my kids, I feel we have been drawn in by lies."

McLachlan is also a film producer, director and writer.

 "I don't want this stuff in my life. I would so prefer to be an artist who wants to make films, but the lies and deceit that I see plain in sight are so egregious that to be truthful to myself, I want to speak out," she said.

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