Chicago Teen Kills Brother Over Flappy Bird (VIDEOS)

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While there are reports that Dong Nguyen, the Hanoi-based indie game developer who created the hit mobile game Flappy Bird will kill the game on Monday because of the controversy it generated, another killing took place even before that.

The first killing involved real blood after 16-year-old Gary Wright of Chicago stabbed to death 17-year-old brother Jaban Wright over the latter's high score of 17 in the game. The stabbing was preceded by Jaban teasing Gary who got a score of only 6.

It seems the brothers have a thing for the number 17 because Gary stabbed his 17-year-old brother 17 times over the 17 score that Jaban got. After he killed his brother, Gary called the police and turned himself in.

The parents of the two teens declined to talk to media. Gary is charged with first-degree murder and is detained at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center while awaiting trial.

Geek Click quoted Gary as telling investigators, "Anyone who has played that game would know why I did it."

Reacting to Gary's statement, Police Officer Marco Grant told Huzlers, "It's a tragedy, he murdered his own brother because of a stupid game. I mean, I've played the game before, and it's hard as sh*t, f*ck that game! I couldn't even pass 5."

He added, "Why the f*ck are you a bird if you can't f*cking fly straight, fake a*s Super Mario piece of sh*t!"

Mr Nguyen had tweeted, "I am sorry "Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. I cannot take this anymore."

He was quoted last week that media was overrating the success of the game, and he does not appreciate the media attention he and the game are getting. Mr Nguyen pleaded, "Please give me peace."

Unfortunately for Jaban, he won't be resting in peace because brother Gary would have to face the consequences of his action because of a "stupid game," as Mr Grant had said.

Maybe Jaban and Gary should have listened to PewDiePie who "warned" gamers from playing Flappy Bird.


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