Chelsea FC Transfer News: Frank Lampard Moves to New York

Midfielder leaves Chelsea after 13 years
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More and more Premiere League Legends are finding their way across the pond and in Major League Soccer teams following the high-profile stint by David Beckham in LA Galaxy. Chelsea's Frank Lampard has announced that he will be leaving Chelsea this summer to make a move to New York.

Lampard was a pillar upon which the blues relied on for 13 long years. Stamford Bridge won't be the same without one of the most prominent starters in the team. The midfielder has never been injured for long periods and is the club's record goal scorer with 211 throughout his stay.

Both Lampard and Ashley Cole have now announced their departure from the club. John Terry, the club's 33-year old captain has been renewed for a further year. With Lampard's contract expiring on June 30, he was clearly looking for a more solid future and not just the one year deal that Chelsea was prepared to offer.

Lampard has his sights set on the World Cup in Brazil but when the tournament ends and he moves to New York, he might have also ended his European career. Just like many other stars like him, Many European Legends have moved on to play in the US, China, Turkey and other obscure clubs in the Middle East before finally hanging up their boots.

The 35 year old Lampard wants to keep playing. This is what the move is showing. He wants to continue to be a part of a team where his skills will be valued and he hopes to find a good home with the Manhattan club.

The new MLS franchise based in New York is co-owned by English Premiere League Champions Manchester City. The problem with the MLS is that their season won't start until March. Lampard would be left idle from the end of the World Cup until then.

If this happens, newly promoted club QPR are ready to offer him a job as their manager, Harry Redknapp insists that Mourinho was mad to let Lampard go.

"If I was Chelsea manager, I would take him back for another year, absolutely. He's still worth his weight in gold around the place and Roy Hodgson feels the same as far as England are concerned. If he goes to New York, and their season does not start until March, you never know... if he's got six months to fill, maybe he fancies a game at QPR," he said.

In his time with Chelsea, Lampard has been instrumental in winning the Champions League in 2012 against Bayern Munich, the Premier League title three times, the FA Cup four times, the League Cup twice and the Europa League once.

Lampard was also declared the World Footballer of the Year in 2005 and has also scored 29 times in 103 appearances for England and was named in this year's World Cup line up which might also be his last appearance in the prestigious event. 

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