Cheesy and Racy Flappy Bird Valentine’s Day Quotes for Your Lover

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Flappy Bird took the gaming world by storm. People got addicted to the game as if it was meth or something else. The game is not complex but is actually pretty simple but insanely tough to clear the levels. Perhaps, this perfectly explains the addiction. This Valentine's Day, you can surprise your lover by using some of these really clever and sexy Flappy Bird quotes and put them in cards or gifts. These really punny Valentine's Day quotes contain the elements of Flappy Bird. So, are you ready to say the three new magical words? "I Flap You."

Valentine's Day Quotes Inspired by Flappy Bird.

1.    "These pipes aren't the only things I will be banging tonight." - Courtesy - Twitter/CauseWereGamerz.

2.    "He won't be the only thing I'm tapping." - Twitter/Katina_Lopez.

3.    "Flappy Bird isn't the only that's hard." - Tumblr.

4.    "Dang, are you flappy bird? 'Cause  I wanna tap you all night long." - Tumblr/gloriouslizzie.

5.    "Your name is Flappy Bird because I am addicted to you." - Tumblr.

6.    "I will make you frustrated in more ways than one." - Tumblr.

7.    "His beak is orange, his body is yellow, he'll piss you off, and make you cry in your pillow. But you still love." - weheartit/SoWrongItsMaddy.

Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen created Flappy Bird in just 2-3 days. The game was not promoted on the internet, but it mysteriously went viral.

"I made the game alone," told Dong to Chocolate Lab Apps.

"The bird in Flappy Bird, I actually drew in 2012 to use in a platformer game but the project was cancelled. In my games, there is no impossible situations that players cannot pass," added Dong.

Even after officially pulling out Flappy Bird from the App Store, the craze to play the game has not subsided. People are selling off their Flappy Bird installed iPhone on eBay at ridiculous prices.

Play Flappy Bird online, check it out, here.

This Valentine's Day, celebrate the ultimate love day with Flappy Bird.  

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