Cheating Despite Engaged, Justin Bieber Intentionally Posted Chantel Jeffries Photos to Hurt Selena Gomez - Reports

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber pose on arrival at the 2011 American Music Awards in Los Angeles
Singer Selena Gomez (R) and Justin Bieber, pose on arrival at the 2011 American Music Awards in Los Angeles November 20, 2011. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Justin is cheating on Selena Gomez because he cannot help it. This is because the Canadian singer thinks Selena Gomez will not mind enough to break up with him, reports say. Shockingly, even though Justin reportedly proposed to Selena Gomez and the "Naturally" singer accepted the proposal on the condition that Justin never cheat on her, Justin went ahead and did just that with Chantel Jeffries. Plus, because he thinks Selena Gomez will still not be able to cut their ties loose, he even intentionally posted the telling picture of him and Chantel Jeffries on his social media account, Hollywood Life reports.

Selena Gomez was really angry when she saw the pictures of Justin Bieber and Chantel Jeffries together. However, Hollywood Life is reporting that this is exactly what Justin expected...if not wanted to happen.  "Justin posted those pictures with Chantel to hurt Selena," a source says to the Web site. "He knows how to push her buttons...Selena always comes back to Justin when he treats her mean so there's no reason for him to change."

After being spotted shopping for a ring, Justin did ask Selena to marry him, as reported by Life & Style.

"Justin has told Selena he will marry her. They're young, but feel like they have a deep connection that no one else can break," the site shared.  "Right now, Selena and Justin feel like it's them against the world, since her family and friends don't want them to be together."

Selena accepted the proposal to "prove to her that he's serious and stop cheating on her," the site detailed. It only took him days to break that promise.

This is not surprising. Back in March, on their first big reconciliation, Hollywood Life already reported that Justin Bieber really believes he can have Selena Gomez eating out of the palm of his hand.

"He thinks he is the man," Hollywood Life reported. "He likes - and you could even say he loves - Selena, but he knows he has the control in the relationship."

"When opportunity knocks, he will for sure answer the door," the site previously detailed.  "He knows that he would be able to get Selena back if she were to find out, so he is having his cake and eating it too."

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