Charlotte Dawson’s Funeral Service Only For Family And Friends

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Charlotte Dawson’s funeral service will only be opened for her family and friends. The funeral and private cremation of the tragic Kiwi TV personality will take place on Thursday.

Her sisters Robin Barclay and Vicky Dawson arrived in Sydney on Monday to organise Charlotte’s funeral. Her body was released to them on Tuesday morning.

The service is understood to include as few as five people only.

“Nobody knows where it is or what’s happening. Those closest to her aren’t invited,” a friend who did not want to be named told the New Zealand Herald.

“There were two versions of Charlotte Dawson: the one on the television, and then there was the one sitting up on her couch at two in the morning talking about her troubles. And tragically those people who witnessed that won’t be at the funeral.”

Other people not invited to the funeral would get a chance to attend her memorial service on Friday at The Beresford Hotel in Surry Hills.

It is also expected that a memorial service in New Zealand will be held at a later date.

Charlotte, 47, committed suicide on Saturday in her Woolloomooloo, NSW home.

She had been a victim of online trolls who sent her cruel Twitter messages for years. In 2012, she received cruel tweets that told her to kill herself, triggering her anxiety attack and sending her to the hospital.

With her death being associated with cyber bullying, her friends has launched an online petition for the Australian government to create a law against online bullying.

Launched through, the petition called Charlotte’s Law: Tougher Cyber Bullying Legislation calls for the government to have a tougher stance against online bullying and for social media channels to impose rules with heavier answerability from users.

“We ask that the Australian Government and the state governments enforce the existing anti-bullying and harassment laws, and take action against those who violate them. We ask that Social Media companies take a more active role in the prevention of cyber bullying, and take more responsibility in monitoring posts of hate. We ask that together we unite the change the cyber bullying platform,” Charlotte’s friend, Em Mastronardi, wrote the petition.

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