Charlie Sheen Wants to Put Denise Richards Out of His Life; What Happens to Court-Ordered Child Support?

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Former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen's child support has gone AWOL. Reports say that the actor has cut off her responsibilities with second ex-wife Denise Richards and is now kicking her and her daughters out of her house.

The Sheen and Richards feud has been all over the news for quite some time now. Several years back, the then-couple divorce and custody battle had dominated the headlines, as well. Fox News even called the Denise Richards-Charlie Sheen predicament as the "worst ever in Hollywood."

Now, Sheen and Richards are back on the same roller coaster battle of two people who hadn't been satisfied. TMZ reported that Richards has not been receiving child support from former Two and a Half Men actor. The $55 thousand that was supposed to go to Richards as ordered by the court has not been in appearance lately.

Sheen only deposited over half of the said amount for the month of January and hasn't paid a single cent for February and March. The report stated that the issue is not only the court-ordered child support, but also the house where Richards and her daughters currently live.

Reports say that Sheen is kicking Richards out of the house, saying that he's already selling the house and he wants Richards out immediately. Sheen bought the house for Richards in 2011, but now the actor is kicking Richards out.

The feud between the two has gone deeper. Reports claim that the actor thinks Richards is keeping Sam and Lola (daughters) from him, and as an act of vengeance the actor is punishing Richards.

Sources close to Richards told TMZ that the American actress and former fashion model is only doing it because she can't afford to give Sheen the kids when he feels like "having them on a whim." Richards wants to be present whenever her daughters are spending time with their father.

According to IMDb, one of Denise Richards' personal quotes is telling the world that she is "spontaneous."

"I love going from one thing to something else and not knowing what I'm going to do next," Richards stated.

Does Richards personal quote applies now? Reports say that Richards is now getting her self prepared to fight for her legal rights, particularly for the right to receive the court-ordered child support, and go after Sheen in court. Richards, when it comes to her children, appears to always know what to do next.

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