Charlie Sheen vs. Ashton Kutcher: Shut Up, Well Done, My Bad! [WATCH]

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In the year 2011, Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men and the former thinks it's about time Charlie moved on. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Wed. night, Kutcher made a "public plea" to Sheen, saying "Shut the f**k up" after posting several times on Twitter bashing Kutcher's performance.

"Can I take a moment to make a public plea to Charlie?" the 35-year-old star said, turning to face the camera and continued. "Enough already. It is three years later and you are still blowing me up on Twitter? Come on, dude! Really?" Jimmy even teased, saying "Leave Ashton alone, he's got businesses to run," referring to Kutcher's successful investments in Airbnb and Uber.

Kutcher was serious about Sheen's tweets. On Jan. 6 he posted: "hey Ashton, sorry bro all good. Now quit barfing on my old brilliant show. Remember Punk'd? How duz it feel?" Before this tweet, he posted a message addressed to his co-star and old friend Jon Cryer: "Hey Jon!!! U r a GENIUS!!! I effin love and MISS YOU old pal! Q; who is your lame side kick? #NiceTryCanonBoy #CH" Sheen mistakenly referred to Canin in his hashtag when in fact, Ashton is a Nikon spokesperson.

Mila Kunis' boyfriend also joked that after three years on "Two And A Half Men," he is also aiming for what Chalie was like at the end, referring to the volatile star's hard parties with porn stars and drugs that led to him being fired.

In 2012, Charlie's character was killed off and replaced by Ashton's character - the Internet mogul Walden Schmidt. Charlie reportedly told TMZ: "I am tired of lying. I am tired of pretending Two And A Half Men did not suck. I am tired of pretending Kutcher does not suck. It is nothing personal but I just feel bad for him. He is saddled with such terrible writing."

On Thursday, Sheen posted a sheepish apology in Twitter in response to Kutcher's public plea. "Ashton message received. So sorry u sounded like me! Well done! My bad I was pi***d at other cr*p and took it out on you. Hope u r good xox c."

Source: Kimmel Live

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