Charlie Sheen Kicks Denise Richards and Their Daughters Out of Their Home

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Charlie Sheen is raging war on ex-wife Denise Richards by kicking her and their daughters out of their home. The “Anger Management” star reportedly made his own daughters, 10-year-old Sam and eight-year-old Lola, homeless.

As reported, Charlie has ordered Denise and their daughters, including Denise’s two-year-old adopted daughter Eloise, out of the house he bought for them.

The 9,000-sq ft home features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Charlie has now sold it to a friend.

His lawyers are apparently “working with Denise in vacating the premises,” a source told the Web site. “Charlie has wanted Denise out of the gated community where he also lives for months, and his porn star fiancée, Bret Rossi, has been pushing for it, too.”

The move will be a huge inconvenience to Denise because her daughters go to school just less than five minutes away from the house. The site didn’t mention where Denise and the kids would move to.

Denise had been living at her estate in Hidden Hills, California, but “had to move into the house at Mulholland Estates because it was much closer to the girl’s new school.” But since Charlie has sold the house, she would have to move out again.

“It would be about an hour drive each way if Denise moved back to Hidden Hills to their school. It would be fair to say that Charlie’s actions are directly responsible for the girls not getting into a school closer to their mum’s house, no other way around it,” an insider said, referring to Charllie’s antics that led to Sam and Lola being rejected at their previous school.

Charlie has been locked in battle with Denise after the 43-year-old actress allegedly refused him access to their daughters.

He apparently wants to cut off his U$55,000 a month child support for their daughters as a result of their fight.

According to TMZ, Charlie only gave Denise half of that amount for January, and hasn’t paid her anything for February and March.

Charlie and Denise married in 2002, and divorced in 2006.

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