Charlie Sheen -- Brett Rossi Obsessed with Money; Denise Richards Kicked Out with No Child Support

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Halt. If the rumours are true, Charlie Sheen just made it final that he has no intention, whatsoever, to provide his daughters with child support. For the third time, the "Two and a Half Men" star is reported to have gone in a hiatus when it comes to his responsibilities, leaving his second ex-wife Denise Richards and her children with no child support.

In December 2013, Sheen caught the media's attention when he started giving hints about not paying child support. And in March 2014, the hint was put into action and reports of the 48-year-old actor only paying half of the court-ordered amount in January, and not a single cent paid in February and March, crept up to the headlines.

"In all, Denise is owed $165,000 in back child support," a source told Radar.

Aside from the no-show child support, Denise Richards was also reported to have been kicked out of the house where she lives with her children Sam and Lola. Sheen bought the house for Richards in 2011, but now the "Two and a Half Men" actor believes he has to get rid of his second ex-wife, completely.

American actress and former fashion model Richards is now battling with Sheen in court. But according to reports, Sheen, same as his money, was also a no-show and the hearing has to be rescheduled.

A source told Radar that the reason Sheen has not been providing his daughters Lola and Sam the child support ordered by the court is that Brett Rossi, Sheen's current fiancée and rumoured wife no. 4, has taken over Sheen's finances. Rossi made it clear that Richards had been tight with her daughters and would not leave them alone with her ex-husband. So the actor had to agree with Rossi.

"Brett is cleaning house in more ways than one," the source revealed. Rossi is considered to be "obsessed with money."

Meanwhile, as Richards battle for her children's rights, Sheen's third ex-wife Brooke Mueller was reported to be getting along with the actor's porn star fiancée Rossi.

In another report, Radar Online exclusively reported that a source revealed Mueller and her two sons are happy with their current set-up, even calling the situation as "a dream come true." Brooke Mueller and her boys are neighbors with Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi. Third ex-wife and current fiancée are good with Sheen, so Denise Richards will not be expecting any support to come from them.


Charlie Sheen Wants to Put Denise Richards Out of His Life; What Happens to Court-Ordered Child Support?

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