Charlie Hunnam Heartbroken Over his Exit From Fifty Shades of Grey Movie, Says Jamie Dornan is Better Looking Than Him

  on July 22 2014 3:45 PM

Charlie Hunnam says that he was heartbroken when he had to leave the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" but believes that Jamie Dornan is much better looking than him to play the role of Christian Grey. Ever since Hunnam departed from the role of kinky billionaire Christian Grey in the upcoming movie "Fifty Shades of Grey," he has maintained a dignified silence about it. But not anymore.

In the latest interview, the 34-year-old "Sons of Anarchy" actor revealed that he was quite upset about the fact that his schedule did not allow him to do the much anticipated movie.  Surprisingly, Hunnam is looking forward to the release of the first trailer of the movie.

Though it has been quite a few months Charlie quit the movie, he says he is pretty excited to see the upcoming trailer of the movie as he was "really, really invested and wanted to work with [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson] and play that character," Charlie revealed to US Weekly.

He maintained his stance that he could not do the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie despite his deep interest because of his busy schedule with "Sons of Anarchy" and upcoming new film "Crimson Peak." He even went on to the extent of saying that the E.L. James novel by the same name should not be called "mommy porn" as the novelist has created something "sophisticated, dynamic and brilliant."

The "Sons of Anarchy" actor revealed that he had full faith in him to play the character of Christian Grey and his mind was pretty clear about what was expected of him to give his best. "I felt like I had an interesting take on that character and felt like I could have done a good job. I really had a clear idea of what I wanted to do," Charlie revealed to the Web site. 

"When you put the time into something like that and a character comes alive in your mind, it's heartbreaking not to be able to play him," he added.

Charlie was replaced by model and actor Jamie Dornan for the role in the movie. The role of the female lead is being played by actress Dakota Johnson.

Charlie is of the opinion that Dornan is "better looking and a lot smoother" than him and would do justice to the role. However, he doesn't rule out the fact that his portrayal of Christian Grey would have added certain ruggedness to the role.  

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