Charice Pempengco Not Losing Fans Despite Former Glee Star’s Admission She is Lesbian (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

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Her fears that she might lose fans over her admission that she is lesbian turned out to be unfounded. Minutes after former Glee star Charice Pempengco admitted on national television of her true gender preference, Twitter was filled with tweet of Chasters, Charice's fan base, that they still love and support the 21-year-old international singer.

The YouTube sensation and singer of Pyramid ended a month of silence after her mother, Raquel, hinted that the Filipina singer will out herself soon. She came clean in The Buzz, the gossip show of ABS-CBN.

One of the earliest tweets congratulating Charice for her braveness was that by Jacquelyn Cabigting, who wrote, "Lesbian ka man, you are still one of the idols. Just go with ur happiness."

Dexter Castillo added, "I admire your courage! I now have a higher level of respect for you."

Jason Karamihan added, "Yeah. You're perfect to us Charice Pempengco. You're still the most talented person in this world."

Aubrey Miles, an actress, said she is saluting Charice for her admission, while Abbie Franelle tweeted, "Charice Pempengco is now a lesbian but I still support her (be)cause (of) her music and confidence."

Gays rejoiced as more are added to their ranks. Kix tweeted, "Being gay or lesbian has never been an issue pinalaki lang ng makikitid ang utak kaya (it was blown out of proportion by narrow-minded people, so) Charice Pempengco welcome to the club!"

Likewise, gay model Sebastian Castro tweeted and posted in his Facebook page, "So very proud of Charice for coming out! All your real fans want is for you to live the life you want."

However, Charice's public outing may pressure other Filipino celebrities, particularly those from her mother station ABS-CBN, who are suspected of being gays and lesbians, but like Charice before, are afraid of losing their fan base.

The frenzy caused by Charice's admission of her gender preference and the majority support expressed by fans and colleagues alike just showed that their fears are unfounded.

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