Charge Your Phone in 30 Seconds; New Start-Up 'StoreDot' Has the Answer

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StoreDot, a start-up company based out of Israel, has revealed a prototype super charger for smartphones that can fully charge the handset's battery in 30 seconds at Microsoft's Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv.

The potential firm showcased its technology to charge an almost empty Samsung Galaxy S4 in only 30 seconds, which is a huge advantage in a world where chargers take nearly an hour to give a full boost to handsets.

This prototype charger is compatible exclusively with Samsung's Galaxy S4 handset at this point. According to reports, StoreDot is working on making this charger work for all types of handset models.

Here is the video explaining the charging process - Click here.

The demo video uploaded in YouTube starts with a Samsung Galaxy S4 handset, which has a charge of less than 30 percent on the battery. Upon plugging the handset into their super charger, within several seconds the battery boosts to 100 percent.

The super charger has the size of a laptop charger at present. But the final product is expected to be much thinner, according to Business Insider.

This super charger will cost double the amount of a standard smartphone charger, which translates to approximately $30 price range.

Apparently, StoreDot which started in Tel Aviv University's nanotechnology department produces biological semiconductors. Nano technology is hailed to have made this super charger a reality.

According to CNet, "StoreDot has been producing semiconductors built from peptides, which are organic amino acids, when linked together, create proteins. Peptides have become popular among body-builders because of their protein creation and have been found to have a wide range of applications for skin care. StoreDot believes peptides can also come in handy for charging smartphone batteries."

Smartphone charging has become a potential landscape today where more people are exploring the options to minimize the charging time using different technologies. There has been a keen interest in the wireless-charging arena specifically.

From the video, we can comprehend that StoreDot is using a regular charger to super charge the handset, so wireless charging is not part of the deal at present. But getting the handset charged in 30 seconds or lesser is a good deal and worth waiting for.

This super charger is still a prototype and its commercial production cannot be expected before 2016, according to reports.

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