Channing Tatum: Know More Sexy Facts About The Sexy Man [Photos]

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Channing Tatum has been an open book to the world when he performed in "Magic Mike" a movie that showed the life of male strippers.

Channing Tatum took over the world when he starred alongside Jenna Dewan in the "Step Up" franchise. These two started the epic franchise of dance movies that tackle hiphop, ballet, jazz and other genres in the dancing world.

In real life, Tatum married Dewan and now has a kid together.  

Tatum has been seen in a lot of other movies aside from this. He was part of the cast in G.I Joe and had his own movie with Jamie Foxx, "White House Down".

"Magic Mike" was a hit as people, especially women, flocked to see the movie which had an all star cast. The stripper turned actor has been seen in a number of other movies such as "Dear John" where he stars with Amanda Seyfried. Another movie in which he has taken the hearts of almost every women is in "The Vow" where he stars alongside Canadian actress Rachel McAdams.

People are now calling him "the sexiest dad alive" as he welcomes daughter Everly. His wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum is part of the up and coming series "The Witches of East End".

It's sweet to see these two parents doing their parenting duties. Dewan talks about their busy schedule saying:

"He's in the trailer, he's rocking her to sleep, I'm running back and forth breastfeeding," this is practically how they live while Dewan is on the set working and her hubby Channing is taking care of their little dancer. We believe Everly would turn out to be a great dancer because both her parents enjoy busting moves so much.

Dewan also says that Tatum is immensely enjoying fatherhood.

"He's been amazing - every chance he gets he's here. He's like, 'I could sit here and be set husband all day long. This is so fun!'"

Wonder when you will see this sexy man? Check out his photos. 

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