CES 2013: 6 Gadgets to Expect from Apple

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While the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) next week in Las Vegas is expected to show more cars and fewer electronic gadgets, techies nevertheless are anticipating the annual event.

Despite the reduced participation of major tech firms such as Microsoft, the show may just surprise consumers although one blog, the MIT Technology Review, said guests should not expect the biggest new tech releases for 2013 in CES.

Apple and Samsung are two out of so many tech companies that will present in the 2013 CES event and are expected to display more than smartphones.

Here are six gadgets that Apple is expected to showcase in CES 2013.

1.     The Apple TV: The latest Apple TV offers up to 1920x1080 HD resolution of movie display, Apple A5 single-core chip processor, plays H.264/MPEG-4/M-JPEG video formats, and has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system. The next Apple TV that will appear in the upcoming CES 2013 event was predicted last year and it quotes "thinking differently."

2.     Mac Pro: The next generation of Mac Pro will appear some time in 2013 and is expected to have several outstanding improvements including the revolutionary video editing app - Final Cut Pro X. The current Mac Pro can have up to 12-core processor, installed with ATI Radeon HD graphics, and can hold up to four 512GB ultrafast hard drives.

3.     iPad Mini: Finally, after comments and disappointments by many Apple users, the iPad Mini will have another version and this time, it comes with a Retina Display.

4.     iPhone with Two Sizes: Due to demands, the next generation of iPhone may come up with two different sizes and this is because women want a bigger device similar to Apple's competitors. The sizes and resolutions are still under the bracket of Apple's standards.

5.     Retina Display: iPad mini will finally have it but larger devices like iMac is not having any treats for this feature due to high cost. However, Macbook Air is going to have a retina display coming soon.

6.     New Camera Technology: The next generation of iPhone camera will come with a pre-installed database and new recognition software for recognizing paintings, landmarks, and famous people. This is a welcoming part for aspiring paparazzi.

With just a few days away from CES 2013, many technology editors, writers and consumers are expected to fly to Las Vegas for the event. MIT said Samsung is expected to have a major presence at the event.

More CES expectations in the following video.

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