Certified Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Release Will Replace Samsung Galaxy S6 Featuring the Best from Qualcomm

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Samsung Galaxy S5
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Samsung has the habit of releasing spin-offs of its flagships. Naturally, the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will spark predictions about sub variants like what the company did with Samsung Galaxy S4. Aside from the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, there have been talks about a premium version of the S5. While competitors like LG have unleashed formidable units like the G3, Samsung continues to share the spotlight with the S5 Prime drumming up interest across the industry. 

According to G for Games, Samsung has been working on a QHD smartphone thought to be the Galaxy S5 Prime. Throughout the last few weeks, the predicted device has made the headlines gaining hype. While Android Geeks pointed out Samsung's JK Shin's denial of the device, analysts think it has something more to do with protecting the S5 sales and avoiding people to wait out for another flagship variant to come out. Some analysts also think that Samsung may be preparing for a completely new line that will replace the Samsung Galaxy S6 series. The new series will reportedly be called Samsung Galaxy F. 

In fact, G for Games reported about the Prime being certified in South Korea under the country's FCC counterpart. More importantly, there are three variants under the product certified under the Radio Research Agency or RRA. The certified models correspond to each network in the country: these include SM-G906S for SKT, SM-G906K for KT and SM-G906L for LG U+. 

Samsung has not made any official announcements yet but well known tipster @evleaks shared a photo of what may be the actual Prime device. According to @evleaks, a tipster said that the Samsung Galaxy F may be a replacement for the Galaxy S Line. The device features 5.3-inch QHD diplay and Snapdragon 805. Previously, reports associated the Samsung Galaxy F series to be the same with the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime product. Additionally, the Snapdragon 805 chipset is considered the best to come from Qualcomm yet.

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