Cellulite Celebrity Bodies: From Jessica Alba to Pippa Middleton

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In the September/ October issue of Women's Health UK, Jessica Alba confessed  about having cellulite  and stretch marks. As reported by justjared.com, Alba told the magazine in an interview: "I have a brutally short attention span. It means I'm useless at working out. I get so bored. I have cellulite and stretch marks - and I have a muffin top!"

The actress further told the magazine about the importance of eating fresh food. She said that she makes sure to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as compared to her family habits of eating processed food.

Just like Alba there are many celebrities, who are marred with cellulite but still flaunt it , let's take a look. Radaronline.com and antesydespues.com.ar report:

Reese Witherspoon: The Golden Globe nominated, 37-year-old, Reese Witherspoon has cellulite and not a perfect body. Still the actress flaunts it in bikinis, cropped tops and shorts.

Tara Reid: Model and actress Tara Reid has a good figure, but still the ' American Pie' star has cellulites, which don't stop her from showing off her body.

Jennifer Lopez: The singer and a model who has the best butt in the world ( well they are insured) also has some cellulite. The 44-year-old doesn't mind flaunting the imperfections of her body as she wear sexy bikinis and outfits.

Pippa Middleton: Who would believe that Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton, would have cellulite. But Pippa known for her pert butt, doesn't like showing off her imperfections.

Scarlet Johansson: Johansson has the body to die for and she is considered one of the hottest women in the world still the star couldn't get rid of cellulite.

Halle Berry: Berry has an extensive exercise routine, still the actress who has one of the fittest body in Hollywood is plagued with cellulite, that she does not mind showing off in her outfits.

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