Celebrity Valentine's Date Wheel: Which of These Hunky Stars Will You Date? [PHOTOS]


Admit it. At some point in your lives, whether you are single or happily taken, you have surely dreamt of having a shirtless Ryan Gosling do the iconic Dirty Dancing lift on you like Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love, or probably fantasize on seeing Zac Efron step out of his car and show up on your doorstep like he did in 17 again.

So in the spirit of Valentine's Day, let us unleash those hidden desires and emotions (the one you would normally only tell your girlfriends) out and see which of these Hollywood heartthrobs is an ideal date this Valentine's. World, be prepared to swoon!

Zac Efron

This gorgeous actor could probably get away with being a player if he chooses to, but Zac is much more than that-this Hollywood heartthrob is a one-woman kind of guy.

His long-term relationship with High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens probably proves just that, after he showed the world how loving and affectionate he is, which made girls all over the world want to trade places with Vanessa. 

Ryan Gosling

Well, basically, Ryan Gosling is the perfect man. From his rock hard abs and impressive biceps to his non-chalant coolness, it's quite difficult to pinpoint exactly why we can't get enough of this hunky actor.

But apart from his gloriously sexy physique and good looks, his participation to charity work and his love for children and animals just make us adore Ryan even more. The 32-year-old actor is frequently seen with his dog George, bringing him to his talk show appearances. He also has reportedly volunteered early this year at a pet rescue group for homeless pups in Austin, Texas. All together now, "Awwwwww."

David Beckham

If you're looking for a man who has everything in all aspects, David Beckman is most definitely the perfect choice. He represents something for every woman-hands-on father, good husband, legendary footballer, and hot style icon.

But did you know that he can cook too? This former LA Galaxy star turned Paris Saint-Germain player cooks for his family and plans to set up a restaurant with friend, Gordon Ramsay.

How much perfection can you take? Beckham is surely the type you can proudly take home and introduce to your mother.

Taylor Lautner

Ever since Twilight, this 19-year-old cutie has made millions of hearts melt as the brooding Jacob Black, and he is one of the youngest and richest Hollywood actors of today. He has been seen recently with his on-and-off girlfriend Sara Hicks, but there is still no confirmation if the two are again officially an item.

Now read carefully ladies: Loyalty and honestly are among the top qualities Taylor looks for in a girl. And if you plan to take him on a date or simply invite him over for dinner, Mexican and Chinese cuisine is the easiest way to please his heart/stomach. Wink, wink.

Josh Hutcherson

Despite his lack of a six-pack, the undeniable charm of this Hunger Games sweetheart made it so easy for him to capture the hearts of fans from the moment he appeared on the big screen. Much like his role Peeta, Hutcherson knows how to work the room with his charm and displays a refreshing sensitivity and candour for his age according to Hollywood Life.

And the best thing about this rising star? He is super single!

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