Celebrity Support Puts Same-Sex Marriage Issues in the Spotlight

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Amidst the talks of same-sex marriage bill in Australia getting introduced, three well-known and well-loved Australian celebrities - Hugh Jackman, David Stratton, and Oscar-winner Lizzy Gardiner - gave their support to the cause by signing a marriage equality declaration that has been warmly received by same-sex marriage advocates.

The celebs signed the declaration that stated that marriage should be about love and respect, not discrimination, and that they support marriage equality for same-sex couples. The declaration also stated that Australia is at its best when there is equality, that it's time for the country to join the other nations who have benefitted from the reform.

Pleased with the celebs' support, Australian Marriage Equality National Convener Alex Greenwhich pointed out that the three celebrities are happily married straight supporters who know the importance of marriage among couples and their families.

Proving the prominence of the issue, Greenwhich said that the message for the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian House of Representatives, Tony Abbott, and the Coalition is that marriage equality is not left-wing or Greens' issue, but one that's embraced by mainstream Australia.

Film director and screenwriter Stephen Elliott, who will announce the celebrities' support for the cause at the Equality Dinner, said that it is time for the country's laws to accept same-sex couples, adding that now is the opportunity for politicians to make the positive change for good by supporting marriage equality.

However, the same-sex marriage bill's introduction will have to wait for the right time. In an interview with International Business Times, campaign director of Australian marriage Equality Rodney Croome, said that the introduction will have to wait until such time that the Coalition has properly debated a conscience vote.

This latest effort of celebrities signing the declaration is in part to persuade the Opposition Leader Abbott to grant Coalition MPs a conscience vote on the issue.

But even if the bill does get defeated, Croome is optimistic. In the interview, the gay advocate explained that in many other places, the first attempt at marriage equality has been defeated, but with increased awareness of the need for reform, subsequent attempts are a sure fire.

Follow the link to read the full interview with Rodney Croome:

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