Celebrity Sex Addiction: Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum Reveal Theirs

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Believe it or not there are celebs, who are smitten by the 'sex bug 'so much so that they can't stop talking about it we at IBTimes bring to you an exclusive look at the celebrities who are are in awe of  'SEX'.

Angelina Jolie had sex in her kindergarten years:

Jolie, the beloved wife of Brad Pitt and one of the most beautiful women on earth has confessed to metro.co.uk that she was sexually active since her kindergarten  years and she designed a game where she can kiss boys and give them cooties. Wow! Angelina you have got some guts.

Lady Gaga is addicted to beach sex:

Lady Gaga believes that she can have orgasm just by thinking about sex. She is a self confessed lover of sex. She told Cosmopolitan UK, " She loves nothing better than getting dirty on a beach." She had further revealed that in the night she finds time to get cozy on the beach or hit a bar and get f****ed up.

Kanye West spills beans on his sex tape:

As reported  by Hollywood scope.com, Kanye West said, "I recorded the sex myself. I would rather have people see this sex video taped at home of mine than some kind of paparazzi photos. I am all cool with the tape coming out in public in any way-it would only help.

 For Jessica Simpson its all about 'O'

In a shocking revelation, Simpson confessed to Hollywood scoop.com that she can't be stopped right as far as sex is concerned. "The Big O is, like, the biggest O ever", she said.

Heide Klum loves experimental sex:

Klum told nydailynews.com that she is more experimental while having sex. If you have a crazy side to yourself then show it off so that the other person is aware of your wilderness".

Klum's sexual revelation are as sexy as her revealing outfits... isn't it?

Kesha can have sex with ghosts:

Kesha never fails to surprise and her take on sex is as surprising. In a statement by hollywoodscoop.com Kesha had a sexual experience with a supernatural being.

"I had a couple experience with the supernatural. I am not aware of the name but it was a ghost. I am very much open to such experiences."

That is scary indeed.

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