Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Says Boob Job 'Best Decision' Ever Made

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Plastic surgery is very common among celebrities going under the knife to finely "tweak" their personal appearance.

"Big Bang Theory" Star Kaley Cuoco is one of them. Instead of denying the rumors or simply keeping mum about the issue, the actress admitted she had a boob job and got it when she was 18.

There were speculations about Cuoco's boob job for years. But she only confirmed it in an interview with U.S. Cosmopolitan magazine where she graced the publication's cover for the May 2014 issue.

She shared that she did not regret the decision and it was the "best that she ever made" in her life.

In her Cosmopolitan interview, she discussed about her personal life and sentiments regarding social media. Cuoco cited she read comments over the internet and made efforts to be more pleasing, according to a source.

Also, Cuoco said during interview her 20 years in showbusiness did not gave her much of the spotlight. Things only changed when she dated Henry Cavill who got international fame in the movie "Man of Steel" in 2013.

Cuoco is now Mrs. Sweeting after her marriage with professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting in December 2013. With the success of CBS' sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," Cuoco's star shines bright like her radiant smile in the Cosmopolitan cover.

Celebrities who underwent plastic surgery will most likely be an entertainment headline. Although considered as normal, the "improvements" they make may still be a subject of controversy.

Other celebrities who met with a cosmetic surgeon include Julie Chen, Bruce Jenner and Pamela Anderson. Julie Chen's decision has something to do with her career, while Bruce Jenner is rumored to be preparing for a sex change.

But not all celebrity cosmetic surgeries came out beautifully like Cuoco and Chen. Cases of botched cosmetic surgery also happen to stars and popular victims were Tara Reid who got a "crumpled" belly after a failed body contouring surgery and Tori Spelling whose botched breast augmentation gave her deformed boobs.

Cosmetic surgery is a decision that must be pondered critically because of the risks it brings. It is also essential to carefully consider the right cosmetic surgeon whose experience and credibility is trustworthy.

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