Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Slaps Former Business Partner Rowan Seibel with Lawsuit

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A tourist eats orzo pasta with crickets during "Bug Chef" David Gordon's (not pictured) 4th annual "Bug-A-Thon" event at Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in Hollywood, California May 23, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Gordon Ramsay is apparently not happy for being called a "dictator" by his former business associate. The celebrity chef is suing Rowan Seibel back after calling him a "fraud." Ramsay said that Seibel tried taking advantage of his reputation. Seibel "has tried to ride Ramsay's star, but through his own fraud, misconduct, and derelictions, brought The Fat Cow restaurant crashing down," he said.

The Scottish chef said in his suit that Seibel "first became involved with Mr. Ramsay in 2011 by falsely telling Mr. Ramsay that he needed Seibel to provide contacts essential for Las Vegas restaurant ventures. Then, when Seibel learned in 2012 that Mr. Ramsay intended to open a new restaurant in Los Angeles to be called The Fat Cow, Seibel begged to be included, this time falsely promising Mr. Ramsay that Seibel would be an invaluable partner because of his significant restaurant experience."

The court papers further said that Seibel had taken "control of the restaurant and proved egregiously inept in its management." "As a result, the restaurant had food, service and business operations far below Mr. Ramsay's exacting standards. Siebel's incompetent operations generated negative restaurant reviews and criticism from the restaurant's landlord."

The Hell's Kitchen chef accused Seibel of being responsible for the "losses" and "legal proceedings" the restaurant had to face. "Because of Seibel's misconduct, The Fat Cow faced mounting losses and also legal proceedings. For example, Seibel's team mis-paid certain employees, resulting in thousands of dollars in penalties and back wage assessments from the California Labor Commissioner. Seibel hid these proceedings from Ramsay. Eventually, other employees filed a class action lawsuit complaining about pay and labor practices implemented under Seibel's control," the papers of the $10.8 million lawsuit said.

Seibel has earlier filed a lawsuit against Ramsay that the latter had been making malicious and false accusations about The Fat Cow. Meanwhile, when Page Six tried contacting Seibel's attorney, there was no immediate return of call.

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