Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Meet the Housemates--Who Got Immune And Who Faced the Eviction (Spoilers)

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The latest series of "Celebrity Big Brother" was unveiled with its first episode of Series 13 (2014) on Jan. 3, 2014. Presenting the show on Channel 5 is host Emma Willis. In this season, there are 12 contestants who will be battling for the final prize while staying locked up in the house for 22 days. In the face of several tough challenges, either the contestant must immune himself or herself from getting nominated or prevent oneself from getting evicted.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 revealed its lineup of celebrity contestants in Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Episode 1. Continue to read, to find out what happened in the first week of the show. (Spoilers Ahead!)

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Housemates

Casey Batchelor- The former Miss Maxim 2006 and model for "Nuts" and "Zoo" is one of the 12 contestants in "Celebrity Big Brother" house in series 13.

Jasmine Waltz- Jasmine Waltz is an actress who has featured in minor roles in films and TV shows such as "Rules of Engagement" and "Pledge This."

Lee Ryan- He is a singer and is known for being a member of 2000s boy band "Blue's" member.  

Evander Holyfield- Evander is a now retired boxer. He has also won a bronze medal in Olympics.

Lionel Blair- Lionel is a British actor and TV show host. He is best known for the shows like "Name That Tune" and "Give Us A Clue." He is also a choreographer and a tap dancer.

Dappy- Also known as Costadinos Contostavlos is a singer by profession and sings for N-Dubz.  

Luisa Zissman- Luisa Zissman is known for being the runner-up of the show "The Apprentice." She appeared in Season 9 of the show and is now a retail entrepreneur.

Sam Faiers- Sam is a reality TV show star and appeared in "The Only Way is Essex." She is also known to a glamour model.

Liz Jones- Also known as Elizabeth Ann Jones, Liz is journalist. She is now a columnist for the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. Previously, she was an editor of the magazine Marie Claire.

Jim Davidson- He is a British comedian and is said to have had married for four times and have visited rehab twice.

Ollie Locke- Ollie is yet another reality TV show star who appeared in "Made in Chelsea."

Linda Nolan- She is known for being a part of group of sisters called "The Nolans" an English girl band.

Celebrity Big Brother Series 13 (2014): Highlights (Spoilers)

Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan entered the house handcuffed and faced the very first eviction as a pair.

Dappy and Liz Jones was another pair to enter the house handcuffed and face the very first eviction as a pair.

Jasmine Waltz and Sam Faiers entered handcuffed in the house and did not face any eviction.

Evander Holyfield and Luisa Zissman entered handcuffed together and faced the first eviction. The retired boxer was also formally warned on Day 2 due to his offensive behavior.

Comedian Jim Davidson entered house handcuffed with Linda Nolan and was freed on Day 2 of the show.

Lionel Blaire and Ollie Locke entered handcuffed together on the first day. It is this pair who has received immunity on Day 3 of Celebrity Big Brother Series 13 (2014).

Also winning the immunity are Jim Davidson & Linda Nolan and Sam Faiers & Jasmine Waltz.

Facing the public voting for the first eviction of the Celebrity Big Brother Series 13 (2014) will be the pairs: Casey & Lee, Dappy & Liz and Evander & Luisa. Who is your favorite pair and who do you think will be evicted this week?

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