Celebrities Whose Life Changed Because of Sexual Abuse and Molestation

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  • Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore suffered child abuse at the hand of her father, John Barrymore. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni
  • Madonna at 50 has a stunning body
    Madonna has the best body in spite of having two children. Her trainer Tracy has developed an all new weight loss regimen. She said that she does not believe in the old school gymming practices, "Through years of research and practice, what I have developed is a method that goes against a lot of what's being taught today in gyms." REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
  • Charlize Theron
    Charlize Theron grew up with an abusive father who would frequently state that he was going to kill the whole family. Reuters
  • Kate Moss
    It seems like Kate Moss just had enough of the paparazzi as she threw a fit at the Paris Fashion Week late Friday night, lunging at an unexpecting photographer aggressively snapping photos of her and companion Lady Gaga. The latter looked on, taken aback, while her staff tried to get Moss' hands off the stunned lensman. IN PHOTO: Kate Moss and her boyfriend Pete Doherty frequently abused drugs and each other during throughout their dysfunctional relationship. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor
  • Maya Angelou revealed her traumatic sexual abuse incident
    Poet Maya Angelou was raped when she was eight years old by her mother's boyfriend. She revealed the painful memory in her autobiography, I Know Why the Carged Bird Sings REUTERS
  • Rihanna
    Rihanna was the victim of domestic abuse by ex- boyfriend Chris Brown. Brutal photos were released just after the incident showing the pop star with a swollen and bruised face. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri
  • Christina Applegate
    Christina Applegate, American film, television and stage actress, battled breast cancer. She underwent double mastectomy. Reuters
  • Actress Pamela Anderson Smiles as She Talks on the Phone with France's Actress Brigitte Bardot (Not Pictured) During a Visit to Bardot's Foundation for Animals Rights in Paris
    Actress Pamela Anderson smiles as she talks on the phone with France's Actress Brigitte Bardot (not pictured) during a visit to Bardot's foundation for animals rights in Paris, February 14, 2008. REUTERS
  • Halle Berry
    Halle Berry became pregnant for the first time at 41 years old with her daughter Nahla. Reuters
  • Shakira performs during the 2014 World Cup closing ceremony at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro
    Shakira performs during the 2014 World Cup closing ceremony at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro July 13, 2014. REUTERS/Francois Xavier Marit REUTERS/Francois Xavier Marit
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A lot of celebrities went through emotional and physical abuse. The most recent to open up about it is actress and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams, in the latest episode of Oprah's Master Class.

When Vanessa Williams was at a young age of 10, she was sexually abused while on vacation in California. She was molested by her female friend with whom she was on vacation. 

Vanessa said that her friend, older than her, made her feel grown up. One night during the vacation, her friend came into her room and asked her to lie down on the floor and take of her pyjamas. After these orders, the molestation took place.

Vanessa shared that, at that point of time, she did not know what was happening but she felt good about. She decided not to tell anyone about it because she returned from her vacation, she came home to see the death of her brother and she felt that the family was already having a tough time and she wouldn't add on to the sadness and decided to suppress the incident.

She said that this incident made her "more sexually promiscuous." For a huge number of years, this incident affected her. She feels guilt at this incident because she thinks that when someone is molested at such a young age, it awakens sexuality very early.

Rihanna, another celebrity who faced abuse said that she feels she is masochistic and this is common in those who went through abuse in their childhood. 

Hally Berry adviced women to stand up for themselves and not keep quiet if they face abuse. She said that she was smart enough to leave at the onset of violence and violence is something she will not tolerate. She has had her share of choosing wrong partners, but she will keep silent in case of abuse.

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