Celebrities Who Stripped Naked for Women's Health [Watch Video]

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As Women's Health Magazine is celebrating its Body For Life campaign, celebrities like Millie Mackintosh, Kimberly Wyatt, Zoe Saldana, heptathlet Louise Hazel, Amanda Byram, renowned fitness trainer Tracy Anderson decided to shed of their clothes.

The photographs, brilliantly captured by photographer John Wright, show the breathtakingly beautiful ladies flying across the air with the reflection of their toned bodies against black and white background."

These famous figures of Television, film and music together with sports star joined hands to strip naked and celebrate the secrets of their glamorous body.

“Milli explained to the Magazine; I get comments on Twitter or in interviews with people asking, ‘How do you deal with the fact people think you’re too thin?’ I’m not too thin – I’m slim. I go to the gym to try to build muscle. I really try!"

Zoe, 36, who is reportedly pregnant with her first child dazzled as the cover star.

“According to the report by Daily Mirror, Byram, who decided to strip off at the age of 41, said she has been determined to get her body into peak form.”

Absolutely stunning Kimberly spoke about her continuous struggle of being a pop star and the difficulties came with it as far as maintaining a healthy body balance was concerned,

Well known celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson told “"Now, I train as I teach, which usually means 90 minutes a day, six days a week – the mix of cardio and small-muscle work that’s become my method. I’ve learnt so much about my body. I don’t want the body of a 20-year-old; I just want to celebrate being the best me at this moment in time.” She then proudly revealed that knowing her body is fit she would never be afraid of aging gracefully.

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