Celebrities Who Reacted to Jennifer Lawrence's Win: From Harry Styles to Demi Lovato [PHOTOS]


 Two days have passed since the 85th Oscar Academy Awards and the Oscar buzz continues. The latest talk of the town is Hollywood "It" Girl, Jennifer Lawrence and her great win for Best Actress. Fans of Lawrence aren't the only ones celebrating on the win because even a few Hollywood celebrities are tweeting all about it.

People can't get enough of Jennifer's hilarious antics that her win isn't the only thing that are talked about. From falling on stage to flipping the finger, Lawrence owned this years' Oscar Awards. Jennifer Lawrence continues to be the trending topic on all social networking sites following her win at the Oscar Academy Awards. A few celebrities like Harry Styles of One Direction have tweeted all about it.

"Jennifer Lawrence needs to win an Oscar tonight.." stated Styles of which had immediately been retweeted 120 thousand times and been marked a favourite over 97 thousand times. "Directioners" have even begun to ship the British cutie with the blonde actress all thanks to the tweet.

Another celebrity who had rooted for Lawrence was "Pretty Little Liars" star, Ashley Benson. The actress had tweeted before and after Lawrence's win at the awards.

"Hoping Jennifer Lawrence takes home an Oscar," tweeted Ashley, adding after the announcement, "Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!"

"X-Factor" judge, Demi Lovato had also been up all rooting for "The Hunger Games" star. Lovato took to Twitter to support Lawrence despite her embarrassing tumble on the way to the Oscar stage.

"GO JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!!!!! Only the COOLEST people fall on stage!!

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