Celebrities Who Have Blocked Tampon Girl on Twitter: From Miley Cyrus to Snooki [PHOTOS]


Celebrities get hate from a lot of people on the web because that's just the way Hollywood goes. However, for one fame-hungry teenager who recently shot to the charts, Giovanna Plowman - the girl who sucked on her own tampon, is rubbing elbows with celebrities the wrong way.

Thank Twitter for Plowman's desperate ways for attention to make celebrities notice her. Here's a list of Hollywood celebs that blocked the "Tampon Girl" off their Twitter.

Plowman, the girl who sucked on her own used tampon, is making waves on the web. Days after releasing a video of her sucking on a used tampon, Plowman has gone from no one to someone. Well, Giovanna appears to be enjoying the attention that much but all the fame doesn't seem to be enough. In fact, Plowman has been sending out nasty tweets to a few celebrities on Twitter for them to take notice of her.

First of was Ariana Grande of Nickelodeon's "Victorious." Ariana, like a few other netizens, had been curious about the "tampon girl" video and had watched it along with everyone else in the web. Grande was quite horrified about the video that she sent out a tweet to Giovanna questioning her reasons to the act.

Replying in a negative way, Giovanna used this opportunity to pick a fight on Grande. The "Tampon Girl" had gone on to question Grande's popularity. Giovanna's hateful tweets towards Ariana continue and despite all these, Ariana still hasn't blocked her off Twitter.

Yet, that wouldn't be the same case for a few other celebrities who had blocked of Plowman before she could send out anymore tweets. Cher, after being called ugly, had replied to a fans' outraged tweet aimed at Giovanna before blocking the "tampon girl."

Despite sending out a tweet to Miley Cyrus asking for help for the hate she was getting, Giovanna didn't earn a nod from the former Disney star. Instead, Miley had blocked off Giovanna off her Twitter account. A few other celebrities who had blocked off the attention seeking teenager were Snooki of "Jersey Shore", Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Brown, Demi Lovato and Jasmine Villegas.

With the attention now on Alyssa Rosales, the girl who had "f*cked" her dog, it'll only take a few weeks before Giovanna Plowman becomes "just another" internet sensation. By then, celebrities like Ariana Grande won't have to bother with all the spiteful tweets.

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