Celebrities Who Can Sing: From Kristen Stewart to Ryan Gosling [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]


Tom Cruise's' latest film has got him grooving and rocking to the beat. While Tom's acting skills are definitely not one to be challenged, how would the 49-year olds' singing ability fare? 

Cruise's next mission won't seem impossible. On June 15, Tom's next film called "Rock of Ages" will be out and by the looks of it, the actor can handle himself well. The question is: can Tom really sing or is that some heavy lip-syncing action?

"He totally can sing!" said Krisitn Hangg. TheMurrieta native behind the stage version to Broadway in 2009 also added, "It was so awesome. I got to hear him talk about his process of training for the role -- the singing and the dancing and all the moves he did. He takes it all seriously. He's so committed. I've seen all the numbers that he did for the movie. I think people are going to be blown away by what a great performer he is."

While the 49-year-old actor may surprise a few of his fans, there are other celebrities who can sing even better than some pop singers today. Ironically, only a few fans know of their "hidden" singing talent but here's to refresh some memories.

Disney stars are known to be incredibly talented. From acting to singing and dancing, former Mickey Mouse Club members know them all. So it isn't much of news to find out that the hottest guy on earth, Ryan Gosling, can sing. Thanks to Pop Sugar TV, all Ryan Gosling's sensational singing moments are summarized.

Goslings' wacky and lovely partner in "Crazy, Stupid Love", Emma Stone is gifted with powerful vocal chords as well. In Emma's film, "Easy A", the then red-head hilariously sings in the shower but it's not until her performance in the gym that she wows her fans.

The boys from the wizardly franchise "Harry Potter," Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton, are pretty talented at singing as well. It's obvious that Daniel can sing judging from his countless Broadway shows.

Daniel's nemesis on film, Tom Felton, is actually a sweetheart in real life. So much so that Tom can serenade his female fans with his baritone voice and his inner guitar god.

"Twilight's" power couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, is also gifted when it comes to singing. In fact, Pattinson had included two of his songs in the official movie soundtrack of "Twilight".

Kristen Stewart on the other hand flaunted her singing and strumming ability in the film "Into the Wild".

"Hunger Games" star, Jennifer Lawrence, may deny she's no good at singing. Yet, in Jennifer's film "Poker House", the 21-year-old can actually belt it out better than other pop stars. Rising star, Lily Collins, is also on starlet who can belt out a tune.

Proving she is indeed Phil Collins' daughter, the 23-year-old not only inherited Phil's good looks but his amazing voice as well.

As Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, is not only pleasing to the eyes but also to the ears. In the film, "Across the Universe", Evan Rachel flawlessly sings the song "If I Fell".

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