Celebrities who are Atheists: Part 1

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When celebrities accepted awards, they often said thanks to their parents, close friends, producers and God. But there were some celebrities who will never say the three-letter word. Even though many celebrities were not vocal about their religious decision, there were celebrity atheists. Here were some who don’t believe in God.


Morgan Freeman was not one of those proud atheists. In several interviews, he discussed his religious views as well as how he perceived God. He believed that God was only real because human beings needed to believe in the idea of a higher being.


Kathy Griffin described herself as a militant atheist. The red-headed crazy comedian, after winning an Emmy in 2007, expressed her religious views. A part of her speech was as follows: “A lot of people come up here and they thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. He didn’t help me a bit. So all I can say is suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now.”


Best known for his role as Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe was also an atheist. He spoke about it in an interview. He stated, “I’m an atheist, but I’m very relaxed about it. I don’t preach my atheism, but I have a huge amount of respect for people like Richard Dawkins who do.”


Keira Knightley made a small number of religious jokes here and there. The talented actress was very popular because of her acting skills, but she also became popular for coming out as an atheist. As she said in a 2012 interview, “If only I wasn’t an atheist; I could get away with anything. You’d just ask for forgiveness, and then you’d be forgiven.”


Emma Thompson was a British actress, and like Keira, she was very honest about her beliefs. She once said in an interview, “I’m an atheist; I suppose you can call me a sort of libertarian anarchist. I regard religion with fear and suspicion. It’s not enough to say that I don’t believe in God. I actually regard the system as distressing: I am offended by some of the things said in the Bible and the Quran, and I refute them.”

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