Celebrities Tweet and Send Prayers For Victims of East Harlem Explosion

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The East Harlem explosion that occurred in Manhattan causing the death of at least three individuals and left many others missing resulted to several celebrities sharing their tweets and prayers for those affected.

The two buildings that leveled to the ground might possibly cause a rise in the suspected number of deaths as other residents of the two apartments are yet to be rescued by firefighters and police officers.

The Academy Award Nominee Gabourey Sidibe, born and raised in Harlem, shared her thoughts on the tragegy by saying, "The explosion in Harlem is so scary. I grew up in Harlem. My heart goes out to the injured and those who lost their lives."

It was Olivia Wilde and Mariah Carey who were first to tweet their concerns for those who were affected by the blast, according to Wet Paint.

Olivia Wilde tweeted to her followers, "Oh Christ. Just saw news about Harlem explosion. So awful and scary. Hoping everyone is okay." While Mariah shared her thoughts saying "Praying for the safety of everyone in East Harlem. My thoughts are with you."

Bethenny Frankel also gave her words of comfort when she tweeted, "The collapse of those buildings in Harlem is just devastating. My heart goes out to everyone affected."

About two dozen residents were injured and nine residents were still not found, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Police and firefighters have continued their search until midnight but Mayor Bill de Blaiso felt that some of those who were unaccounted for might not have been present in the building during the blast.  

Several residents believed the explosion might have been caused by gas leak which prompted the investigation of the police department. Displaced residents were being cared for by The Red Cross since most of them have lost most their belongings due to the explosion. They are still in need of assistance and prayers, especially those severely wounded in the hospital.

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