Celebrities Alone on Valentine's Day: From Jennifer Lawrence to Selena Gomez [PHOTOS]


Today is the first day of February, which means Valentine's Day is just around the corner. While some Hollywood celebrities like Miley Cyrus is set on spending that day with their beloved other half, some celebrities are sure to be spending it alone.

Here are a few celebrities who are bound to spend the upcoming Heart's day by themselves.

These celebrities won't be truly alone but simply not with their special someone'. Fans have been used to seeing them attached to their girlfriends or boyfriends but now that they've split up, it'll be a new scene to getting used to.

First up is Selena Gomez. The lovely Latina is officially single which means she's bound to be celebrating Valentine's Day with BFF, Taylor Swift. Poor Swift who has been rumored to be crying her heart out for Harry Styles will also be spending February 14 Harry-less.

"Hunger Games" hottie, Jennifer Lawrence might have a roll in the business with her latest wins but her heart surely is losing. Lawrence had recently split with boyfriend of two years, Nicholas Hoult. It'll be a sad Heart's Day for the 22-year old actress but not if Bradley Cooper can do something about it.

Kristen Stewart is currently in an on-off and on again relationship with Robert Pattinson. Now, the big question is are they even still together? If the "Robsten" duo does split then Kristen Stewart is sure to be spending her Valentine's Day alone. Pattinson won't have any problem hooking up with a potential mate. The "Twilight" hunk sure can depend on singer Rita Ora for company given she did mention having an interest in "shagging" the actor.

With no Selena Gomez in his life, Canadian crooner, Bieber will have to rely on his mother, Pattie Malette for company on February 14. Justin could also have a "bromance" filled date with his One Direction brothers, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan whom are said to be close with the singer.

One Direction member, Zayn Malik who is under pressure from the cheating scandal is sure to be spending this year's Valentine's Day alone. However, if Perrie Edwards does forgive and forget, Malik could still have a date on that day.

With February only beginning, these celebrities are bound to find a rebound. Given it is Hollywood, it's likely to happen.

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