CCTV Footage Captured Children Being Beaten To Sleep And Physically Abused Inside Nursery

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Parents were shocked when they saw a CCTV footage of their children being beaten to sleep and physically abused at a nursery in Romania.

The Little Kingdom nursery in the Black Sea city of Constanta, Romania, uses CCTV to capture children playing and taking lessons from their teachers. According to Mirror UK, it is usually turned on from 9 am till noon so parents could watch their children. However, one day a parent decided to log on and noticed it was still running after noon. It was when she was shocked to see children were allegedly being beaten and screamed at in the nursery.

The beating reportedly happens when the children are forced to sleep at midday. This is also when the CCTV is usually turned off. The footage captured young children, the youngest being 5-years old, being given juice mixed with red wine so they would be forced to sleep. Despite the wine, some refused to sleep and thus were seen on the footage being beaten and dragged by their arms across the floor. 

The CCTV even captured one staff threatening to hit the children on their heads if they don't go to sleep.

"If you don't do as you're told you will get a punch in the head. Just go to sleep or you will get hit so badly and then I will kick you outside in the cold," she said.

The children were also given coffee to force them to wake up before their parents would pick them up. If they refuse to wake up then it's another beating. 

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According to Daily Mail, children would sometimes come out of the unlicensed nursery with bruises. Lawyer Stefan Roman, who represents the parents of the abused children, said parents would often ask the staff for the reason and they would always be told that their children got hit by another kid in the nursery.

Roman said there were more than 60 children involved. Even though investigation only showed two days' worth of CCTV footage, the bruises are underlying evidence that the beating and abuse has apparently been happening for a long time.

Despite the maltreatment of these children, the nursery is still operational. Authorities reportedly cannot do anything to check and close it down since it was not licensed.

"It is correct that it is neither authorised nor accredited however we cannot go in and search the property and check it matches standards until they request a license," Cristina Ivan, from the local School Inspectorate said.

The nursery also operates under a legal excuse that no one has the responsibility to shut it down until a criminal case is completed.

Source: YouTube/NewsHD

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