Caught Red-Handed: Justin Bieber Spanking Strippers, Selena Gomez 'Disgusted?'

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Days after a photo of Justin Bieber sucking on a stripper's nipple have gone viral on the web, another scandalous video starring the 19-year old singer and another stripper has hit the web. In the latest video, the Canadian crooner can be seen spanking the stripper to which he obviously enjoys doing. On the other hand, how has his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez reacted to the latest stripper scandal?

Well, "Beliebers" now know where all their savings have gone to. Apparently, Justin has a penchant of spending his hard-earned cash on stripper heaven according to the latest reports. TMZ released the official photo of Justin sucking on the nipple of a stripper during one of his parties at Los Angeles. Opposite Bieber is his friend Khalil Sharieff with his attention also on the stripper's boob. Check out the racy photo here.

Aside from the scandalous nipple photo, a video starring Justin Bieber and another stripper is said to have gone viral. Radar Online reports that in the video, Justin was caught "spanking two strippers on their bare backsides" and "pulling off their panties with his teeth." The said video was taken during the singer's November tour at Queensland, Australia. The video footage owner has now demanded a hefty amount for the 12-minute video of which is currently being sold to various Web sites.

So while Justin has been enjoying the company of strippers, how has his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez reacted to all this?

"She knows about it and has briefly seen it to see if it was true and she hates every minute of it and thinks it is beyond disgusting!" says a source to Hollywood Life (via Entertainment Wise).

"She's sad, mad and actually a little happy to see that she is away from this version of Justin - a Justin she is not familiar with at all," continued the source.

Hopefully, Selena Gomez starts turning a blind eye to all the scandals involving her ex-beau. Yet, judging from her interview with Daily Mail on Jan. 24, she still cares about Bieber.

"I will always care about Justin no matter what - my instinct after all we have been through is to protect him from any harm," stated Gomez.

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