Cate Blanchett is a Lesbian, Alcoholic Lawyer in ABC Television Series 'Rake'

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It took 15 years for Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett to return to television but when she does she has one really strong role as a meth addicted, alcoholic lesbian on ABC Drama series "Rake." Cate has been roped in to portray the character of a lesbian lover opposite equally talented Richard Roxburgh. Richard and Cate worked together in 1997 film "Thank God He Met Lizzie" and the former is happy to have Cate on team.

"Cate's an old friend and I've worked with her a lot ... we just thought it would be hilarious if she would turn up in the guise of a hard-drinking, lesbian version of Cleaver Greene, in the film within the film. She of course gave it the Blanchett magic and it's very tongue-in-cheek and very fun," revealed Richard Roxburgh about Cate's role and then raved about how happy he was to have an Oscar-winning actress on board.

 "I don't think Cate's done television in 15 years ... maybe the last thing was Paradise Road. We were very privileged and it was really great when she decided to come and do that for us," said Roxburgh gratefully, according to

The pictures of Cate Blanchett wearing a curly lawyer wig with a liquor glass in hand are appearing on various web sites. You can have a look at the picture here. The "Blue Jasmine" star looks very much in the role and is seen sitting in her office wearing a black coat, typical of the lawyers and seems to be striking a conversation holding a small glass. Other picture shows the "Elisabeth" actress lost in her thoughts.

Unfortunately, Cate has a small role which will last only for one episode. "Rake" is an American comedy-drama television series which has been adapted from the Australian series of the same name. Richard Roxburgh stars in both American and Australian versions. "Rake" returns for its third season next Sunday, 8.30pm on ABC1 and there are rumours in the media that it could be the final season.

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