Catarina Migliorini Puts a Stop on Virginity Auction, Plans to Lose Virginity Instead on Proposed Reality Show [VIDEOS]

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The Brazilian model who controversially offered her virginity for auction has come up with a better plan. Catarina Migliorini plans to lose it on a reality TV show.

Huffington Post shared that the highly talked about model emailed them about putting a halt on the virginity auction she started, stating that she gave up. Instead, on a Yahoo Brazil report, the 21-year-old model plans to lose her most precious virginity on a reality show.

The alleged show, There's Something About Catarina, will feature 20 guys from all parts of the world to vie for the spot of being the very first intimate partner of Ms Migliorini, along with a $1 million cash prize. A Web site already entertains applications, while the reality show is still in the works.

Earning Money Out of the Value of Virginity?

The very first virginity auction the model took to the public was through a documentary series entitled 'Virgins Wanted' in 2012. It was made by Justin Sisely who is an Aussie filmmaker. The bid reached a whopping $780,000 from a millionaire in Japan named as Natsu. However, the deal did not push through due to certain misunderstandings between Ms Migliorini, the bidder and the filmmaker.

Then the most recent was the one she made on her own. The virginity auction was held online at She even made an extension of the bid to run up until Feb 12, 2014, instead of the originally set date of Dec 12, 2013. The extension of the virginity auction somehow contradicts the model's announcement that she has put a stop to it already with the current top bid is at $440,000.

In a Design Trend article, it was interestingly noted how the Playboy model handles everything in stride with his virgin auction adventures. "I am the sole owner of my own body. I am of legal age and have the right. I accept all criticism whether positive or negative, because talking is a right for all and is free," Ms Migliorini emphasised.

The Brazilian model's virgin adventures may have received more criticisms than praise, but she remains confident with her unusual decisions.

(Video Credit: YouTube/geobeats)

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