Cat Beheaded, Blood Used to Write on Wall

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A chilling act of beheading a cat and using its blood to write a message on the wall haunts residents of Gold Coast, Queensland.

The head and the torso of the poor animal were thrown in the front doorway of a house on Hazel Court on Tuesday.

The cat's blood was used to write the message: "whers my money? Tik tok!"

The message was wriiten on the home's garage door.

According to police investigation, there were four adults inside the home where the cruelty was conducted but nobody was hurt.

The police are now investigating whether the family is in conflict with someone capable of the horrifying act.

"If you look at the message, the inference is it's a specific targeted attack. I don't think there'd be any reason to have any general concern for the general community," Acting Inspector Greg Aubort said.

"We'll talk to all the witnesses involved, all the occupants, and we'll follow the evidence as it pans out," he added.

The cat appears to be a well-groomed and the police are trying to trace the owner.

Rhonda Gibson, a resident of Hazel Court said a neighbour thought she was the owner of the cat. She does not own the cat but now she was scared of the attack.

"The police said there was no fresh pools of blood so they felt the cat had been brought there. It's a very  quiet street and a lot of the people around here are retired. They're just golfers, " Gibson said.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) with Queensland CEO Mark Townend is offering a $5000 award to anybody who can find the people responsible for the horrible act.

RSPCA said that the beheading and use of blood for vandalism is "one of the worst acts of animal cruelty the RSPCA has seen".

"We're not sure who we're dealing with here, but if there's people who may know who is responsible, I want the information to come to us quickly. These people should not be out on the streets, " Townend said.

RSPCA encourages anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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