Castle Season 7 Update: Premiere Date Announced, What All to Expect in New Season

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"Castle" is returning on Monday, September 29 for Season 7, according to ABC. There is no time jump and the premiere episode will be picking up right where it left of in Season 6 finale. It can be expected that Kate Beckett will be still in her wedding gown, desperately trying to find any clue about Rick Castle.

Kate Beckett and Rick Castle were all set to get married in Hamptons. But, the most awaited wedding on the T.V did not happen, as the beautiful bride Beckett received a call and she had to rush to an accident spot. There she saw Castle's car in a ditch and in flames. The worst was being assumed, that Castle may have died in the car accident.   

It is almost confirmed that Castle is alive. There is, however, mystery surrounding the person who was following Castle's car in his black SUV and who may have something to do with the car's accident. The man is likely to be associated with the new mythology that writers of "Castle" plan to introduce in Season 7.

Speaking about the end of Season 6, Andrew Marlowe, ex-showrunner of the show, had said to TV Line: "With the mythology that we're introducing, we want to start it off with a bang." He also said that the Season 6 ending helps set-up some of the "elements" that they are going to deal with in the new season.   

Castle and Beckett may get married in the new season, but the 'when' depends upon how long it will take for the writers to take them to the wedding altar, again. After Season 6 wrapped-up, Marlowe said to Give Me My Remote that there is a "little bit more storytelling we want to go through before we go there [wedding]."

In the premiere episode, some new characters will be introduced. According to TV Line spoiler report, these characters include a "highly intelligent" person called Henry.  In addition to Henry, who has a guest-starring role, a police sergeant of Hamptons, a doctor, a shrink and a coast guard are joining the "Castle" team.   

There are 23 episodes in "Castle" Season 7. The premiere episode consists of two-parts, according to TV Line.  David Amann, who is the new showrunner of "Castle," is writing the premiere episode of the new season.    

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