Castle Season 7 Spoilers: Stana Katic says ‘Back in the Saddle’, Beckett, Castle Romance to Grow Stronger

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The production has started for Season 7 of "Castle." The cast and crew have finished a week worth of filming the new season. The premiere episode consists of two episodes and will begin from where it left off in Season 6. There is no time jump.

On July 19, camera operator, Andrew Bikichky, shared on Twitter: "House lights are on, first week S7 #Castle is finished. Have a great weekend :)." A day earlier, "Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett, shared on Twitter that she is back on the set of "Castle." She said: "Back in the saddle with this punk again. #Castle season 7."

Meanwhile, TV Line has reported that "The Wire" star Ryan Sands is joining "Castle" to play a guest role in the premiere episode. According to the report, he will be portraying the role of a police sergeant at Hamptons. The character is called Tagger. The Season 6 of "Castle" wrapped-up in Hamptons at an accident site. Everyone had assembled at Castle's house at Hamptons for the wedding of Beckett and Castle, but Castle never reached the venue and Beckett found his car in a ditch and in flames.  The worst was being assumed and it looks like the premiere episode of the new season will be about investigating this accident. This case will be the "most difficult" case for Beckett and according to TV Line, Tagger will be seen helping Beckett investigate this case.

The fans were not happy with the Season 6 finale unexpected twist, as the wedding of their most favourite fictional couple, Caskett, was one of the most awaited events on their T.V. calendar. In an interview with TV Line, Andrew Marlowe, creator of "Castle," said, "we did what we did for a reason -- to open up some new mythology, to have some really fun storytelling coming up. Those fans who are less-than-thrilled should reserve judgement until they see the first few shows of the season."

David Amann, the new show-runner, has said that Beckett and Castle's relationship will continue to grow stronger. "... whatever [has happened] is not going to tear them apart. If anything, it will make them stronger," he said to TV Line.  He assured the fans that they are committed to Caskett's relationship.

Marlowe also indicated that through the new mythology they intend to explore and open-up some "interesting aspects of storytelling" for Rick Castle.

 "Castle" Season 7 is scheduled to premiere on September 29, 2014 on ABC.

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